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othmen mdimagh
othmen mdimagh
Good service, a professional team.Easy to deal, excellent prices and very acceptable And more importantly, a very good result and effectiveness. I'm very happy with your services. Thanks
Pallavi Manoj
Pallavi Manoj
Great service and amazing team of experts who make you feel super comfortable
Elen Meliksetyan
Elen Meliksetyan
Very happy with my experience, very nice and professional staff, and get great results with my laser treatment!
Salmina Makhusseyeva
Salmina Makhusseyeva
It’s been my second year with Lavish Clinic and I’m so happy with service. Lavish clinic became my family spot. Always friendly team and founder of clinic, you feel home!🤍
Yasmine Choualhi
Yasmine Choualhi
I had a great experience at the clinic specially with Jona who’s professionalism is beyond expectations. Thank you Jona


We utilize a laser, which is a concentrated beam of light, to target your undesirable hair.

When light is absorbed by the pigment in each hair, it is transformed into heat, which causes damage to the hair follicles. This injury inhibits hair development in the future.

Despite the fact that laser hair removal can diminish, delay, or stop hair growth, it is not necessarily a permanent treatment for unwanted hair — unless the follicle is completely destroyed. Six to ten sessions are often required to achieve a considerable decrease, in addition to maintenance treatments.

Lavish Clinic utilizes only the most sophisticated Medical Grade Lasers and not IPL equipment.

The number of treatments required is contingent on a variety of variables, including the area being treated, the type of hair being treated, and systemic factors such as drugs, medical problems, stress, and hormonal impacts such as PCOS.

Minimum of six to ten treatments are required for optimal results.

After ordering your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you can book your first appointment instantly. No skin test or consultation is necessary prior to this appointment.

Do not bleach or apply depilatory cream at least four to six weeks prior to your first laser treatment, and refrain from utilizing throughout the laser treatment.

Stop waxing, plucking, and threading at least one month before to your laser treatment, and for the length of your laser treatment.

It is only possible to remove unwanted hair by shaving or cutting it.

The targeted region MUST be shaved 24 hours prior to laser therapy.

A facial/body scrub with AHA/BHA is recommended one week before and after laser therapy.

Do not exfoliate the treated area two days prior to and following your laser treatment.

On the day of treatment, laser treatments cannot be performed if the client has a fake or natural tan residue on the treatment area.

When exposed to sunlight, all treated areas must be protected with a broad-spectrum SPF.

No lotions or oils should be applied to the affected region prior to laser treatment.

This is the client’s responsibility, not that of Therapie Clinic. The therapy cannot be performed on the same day if the region is not prepped.

Before beginning laser treatment, always advise your laser specialist of any changes in your medications or medical history.

Please ensure that fake tan is absent on the day of your visit and has been completely removed.

Please advise your laser specialist of any tattoos you currently have or acquire throughout the course of your treatment, as well as semipermanent makeup such as lips and eyebrows.

Antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications should not be taken 24 hours before therapy.

Yes, all skin types can be treated at Thérapie Clinic, as we employ only medical-grade lasers and the most advanced technologies to do it in a safe and successful manner.

Initial treatment intervals should be between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the area being treated and your hair’s growth cycle. As the number of growing hairs decreases, we may space out your treatments further to ensure that we always capture the hair in the anagen stage of growth.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal does not work on blonde, grey/white, or red hair. The Laser is drawn to the pigment in the hair, and because these hair colors do not include pigment, they are ineffective.

It is not recommended to have Laser Hair Removal treatments during pregnancy or nursing, but you may purchase any of our Special Offers and begin treatments whenever you are ready.

As with other therapies, it depends on the individual, their level of sensitivity, and the area being treated. We utilize Cynosure lasers, both of which include additional cooling devices to reduce sensitivity during treatment; most patients bear the experience well.

Do not bleach or use depilatory cream for at least 4-6 weeks before to your 1st treatment and stop using for the length of the laser treatment.

No waxing, plucking, or threading at least 1 month before to your treatment and discontinue these techniques of hair removal for the duration of your laser treatment.

Shaving or cutting the hair is the only way of hair removal.

You MUST shave the region to be treated 24 hours before your laser treatment.

AHA/BHA facial/body scrub is recommended 1 week prior to and after your laser treatment.

Do not exfoliate the area being treated 2 days before and after your laser treatment.

Laser treatments cannot be done if the customer has false or remnant of false/natural tan on the area on the day of treatment.

You must use a suitable broad-spectrum SPF on all areas being treated when exposed to daylight.

No lotions or oils should be used on the region prior to your laser treatment.

Lavish Clinic cannot be liable for shaving, this is up to the client. We cannot do the treatment on the day if the area is not prepped.

Always advise your laser specialist of any change in medication or medical history before your laser therapy begins.

Please make sure artificial tan is not present on day of appointment and has been properly removed.

Please advise your laser specialist about any tattoos you may have or obtain through the period of your treatment including semi-permanent make-up such as lips and eyebrows.

No antihistamines or anti-inflammatories should be used 24 hours prior to the treatment.

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