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Best Hair Botox Dubai

Having healthy and beautiful hair is one of the main physical attractions of a human. It is wisely said that beautiful hair is the natural jewelry of humans. The science of beauty lies in the hair which expresses itself as a natural ornamentation and expresses a person’s personality. In fact, there is no harm in rejuvenating the hair without having to dab injections into your scalp.

hair botox dubai by Lavish Clinic is yet another useful and healthy botox treatment that uses deep-conditioning nutrients into the scalp making the hair smoother, tighter, and healthier. This Hair botox treatment is widely known for its keratin-like process which adds volume to rough hair and is used by modern teenagers to get that model-like smooth hair.

Lavish Clinic provides the utmost guarantee to add a new look to your personality using its Hair botox treatment delivering smooth and visible results just some time after a few sessions. Here are the following details and information you must know.

Hair Botox Dubai
Hair Botox Dubai

What is Botox hair treatment? Is it trending?

It’s also known as the time turn leaves no stone left to make you revive back into your youth age. People are moving time to optimize new hair treatment services in Dubai. Dubai has taken complete advantage of this ongoing trend-setting hair treatment services for its clients in its aesthetic clinics and salons. An evergreen experience is now available in UAE providing the best botox treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. This safe-to-use service transforms your dead-end hairs into luminous shiny ones.

it is a deep conditioning treatment that provides nourishment to hair filling the coats of hair with different types of fibers. This also works as a filler, for example; keratin treatment. The botox treatment takes each and every broken or thin area of strands to make it look lustrous. botox treatment can give you a boost of shine adding moisture and silkiness to your hair.

Remember that the term Botox is just added at the end of the services, whereas no needles are involved in the process. Different ingredients such as caviar oil, Vitamin B-5, E vitamins, protein, and collagen complex are used to make this botox treatment a successful change for your life and personality.

Hairbotox VS Deep Conditioning Products/ (keratin treatment, Collagen, keratin)

Some people consider using deep conditioning products such as a keratin shampoo or conditioner which just adds smoothness to the outer strands of the hair and straightening. As compared to deep conditioners, botox treatment uses chemical-free products to add moisture to the hair follicle faster.

Collagen is another differentiating agent between hair Botox and deep conditioner. Collagen is added in the hair Botox to repair intense parts of the hair and deeper areas on the shafts for semi-permanent smooth and healthy hair.

hair botox treatment dubai


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Benefits of hair Botox treatments

hair botox treatment dubai

Lavish Clinic in dubai has delved into the Botox hair treatment to revitalize hair from roots to tip. botox treatment is useful and has a prolonged effect for up to 6 months. hair treatment can be applied on all types of hair and the process can be repeated after multiple repetitions. A natural remedy made up of harmless chemicals like keratin and amino acids Hair Botox provides the following benefits to your hair:

Rebirth of new hair Hair Botox is a deeply nourishing formula applied to hair to leave it smoother, shinier and healthier. The coatings of the ingredients (collagen and keratin treatment) fill the damaged parts and hair cuticles to repair old hair.
Reduce hair loss and split ends After damaging their hair from UV styling, heat application and hair coloring, even agreed by Canadian researchers, hair Botox is known for its prominent results and treatment for hair loses. These non-injectable formulas are applied to the scalp for regrown hair.
Revives natural shine and finishing Hair Botox is to your rescue if you have hair that looks dead and on the verge of shedding or breaking to ends. The hair treatment transforms dull, rough and frizz hair into fresh and soft ones within no time.
Adds hair level Hair Botox does not contain any chemicals and hence can be used to make your hair look fine and bouncier. It will also add volume to every part of the hair to make styling and maintenance easier. The vitamins added to the product can add moisture to strands and add elasticity.

Anyone who wishes to reduce frizz from their hair or add shine to their dull hair can benefit from hair treatment. However, it is specially designed for those who have damaged hair from bad style hair coloring or have had access to UV ray damage. This hair treatment reduces styling time and engages a maintained look for a long period of time. With hair Botox, not many products are needed to apply to your hair, making it more affordable and preferable.

Why choosing Lavish Clinic for your hair Botox is the right option?

Our team

We are established under professional team members who are highly educated and professional in their work. The team aligns their tasks and manages their performance meeting the client’s needs and wants.

Our products and technology

We are well known for stepping ahead and using the finest state-of-the-art technology to meet the satisfaction of our patients. Our experts are well equipped with harmless and ensuing products that are sure to provide the top results. our hair services are not comparable with any other clinic or beauty salon.

Our environment

Our location and environment are set in Dubai, where you receive the type of rest and comfort you are looking forward to. Our team will provide you with the best welcoming experience to make you feel at home.

Our rates

We definitely know how to meet the pricing expectations of our customers. Therefore, we set a stable financial plan for our treatments which are much better than other healthcare clinics in Dubai. We offer affordable deals so you can experience the best service of your life.

Our Mission and Vision

Our main aim is to serve our people with the best unlimited services which soothe their skin and enhance their appearance. Your smile and your desire to look the best are what matters the most to us. We always look forward to turning your dreams into reality.
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The Overall Process For Hair Botox Treatment: The Journey To Fine Hair without frizz

best hair botox treatment dubai

In the fast-paced life of Dubai, you must be thinking how time-consuming it is to sit in a parlor or clinic for 3-4 hours getting different masks, creams, hair protein, and formulas into your hair to receive the final look. But fear not. The overall process for hair botox treatment in dubai is completed in 45 minutes. Just following the few steps shown below, you will be granted new and softer hair.

At our clinic, professionals will take care of cleaning your hair with a harmless clarifying shampoo.

Next, the washed hair will be sectioned into different parts to apply the product in the soaked hair.

The overall time period for this process is around 20 minutes. Next, after the hair absorbs the formula in this treatment, your hair will be washed with sulfate-free shampoo. And don’t worry, we will also have your hair straightened and styled in the end.

Our Happy Client's Testimonials

A number of satisfied clients have gone through our deep cleansing facial and other services that we offer in the past few years.

Ксения Романова
Ксения Романова
This clinic is so good. I tried EMS sculpt neo for my belly and I was amazed! My abs shape now is so nice and fit! Also you can make it for glutes.
Ghazal Rezvani
Ghazal Rezvani
I have done 6 sessions of full body laser and 2 sessions of hydra facial and I am happy with all my sessions. Staff are very friendly and meticulous while doing laser.
farha world visa
farha world visa
"The ladies at the reception and the lady who treated me were really good at customer service. They were very kind, and the service was excellent. I went for a consultation, and the way they treated me was exceptional. I just had my laser treatment, and it was amazing." ????
Sarah Bou nassif
Sarah Bou nassif
Lavish Staff are so friendly and professional, as well as Dr Nahal. This is my second session only of emsculp neo machine for my belly and already saw good results , i’m so excited for the final result.thank you Dr Nahal????????
Louise Ward
Louise Ward
Very professional..recommended..modern equipment..experienced therapist
Poppy Wigstead
Poppy Wigstead
I had a hydra facial on Saturday, staff were so friendly, enjoyable experience! Looking forward to seeing the results of my facial 🙂
Виктория Граф
Виктория Граф
nice place with helpful staff, effective laser hair removal and not painful at all. Thank you!
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan
Hi it's me sahil khan and I have get first season of lasers hair roving on face and it was good experience with lavish clinic
Мастерская Искусств
Мастерская Искусств
Волшебная клиника с хорошей атмосферой отзывчивым персоналом и оборудованием высокого качества , пользовались услугами лазерной депиляции и стоматологии остались довольны и ценой и качеством ????????????рекомендую

I really appreciate the effort they put in my hair. Lavish Clinic provides quality and comfortable treatments. It has a perfect ambiance for anyone who is ready to invest an hour in their hair. When I first saw myself after the hair Botox process, it was an unimaginable change in my appearance and I felt more confident in myself. I even tried their second session which added more elasticity to my hair and made it healthier.

Rose Anderson

I would definitely recommend Lavish to those in Dubai and the UAE as it gives you a promising and memorable service. My assistant was so cooperative and responsible with her duty and made sure that my treatments went well. I can no longer notice any split ends in my hair and I love how my hair bounces. I can now try different hairstyles at my job feeling more confident than ever. Thank you Lavish Clinic!

Furrha Durrani

I could see visible results from the Lavish Clinic just after a few days of my treatments. They were kind enough to provide me with all essential kits such as a mask, sulfate-free shampoo, etc. to make sure that the results remain prominent for a long time. I have associated with Lavish Clinic for three years now and I think that it is one of the most reliable health clinics for all dermatological and dental treatments.

Samantha West


Our botox treatment uses ingredients that will last in your hair for around four to six months. After successful results and satisfaction from your end, the botox treatment will be reapplied after that time. Lavish Clinic also provides sulfate-free shampoos similar to keratin shampoos to maximize the results for a longer period of time.

During this time, you must wait two weeks before adding colors or shades to your hair. The process is simple, but the aftermath is that you should care for your hair after getting our Hair botox treatment such as washing your hair three days after the botox treatment, and avoiding harsh products, or exercises that cause sweat in your hair.

Mostly, prices of hair Botox vary differently in areas where the clinic is located. However, an estimated procedure price will cost you around AED 500-2000. For most, hair Botox seems expensive and people might wonder if they should get one. However, it is an asset invested to improve your hair and personality. Moreover, the location and the clinic you choose are one of the affecting factors that indicate the quality of service and vary the cost of treatment

Most hair treatments vary in terms of hair growth, the condition of your hair and other key distinctions. However, among different hair treatment such as keratin and hair Botox, nanoplastia is another treatment that is identical to hair Botox and both have been in competition with one another.


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