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The timeless beauty has taken new dimensions where Lavish Clinic has reached out into the world of aesthetics. If you are looking for natural charm and want to restore youthful radiance, here’s the solution to opt for dermal fillers. Without adding time constraints, the artistry of rejuvenation is dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are the fusion of science and aesthetics, offering a pain-free path to enhance your natural beauty. In Dubai’s beauty landscape, individuals are discovering new ways of getting beauty that lasts longer than cosmetic procedures. Our professionals are skilled enough to assist with all your skin-related queries and resolve them.


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We are available 24/7 to assist you in the best possible way and connect you with our experts.

How do we cater to patients of dermal filler treatment Dubai ?

How do we cater to patients of dermal filler treatment Dubai ?
Consultation The first and foremost step you have to take is to consult or take advice from an expert dermatologist or trained aesthetic practitioner. During the consultation, be open with your doctor and discuss the risks associated with the treatment and it’s pros and cons, along with your medical history and any allergies if have. They will evaluate your health condition and whether you are perfect for a dermal filler procedure or not.
Preparing for the procedure If you both understand the certain risks associated, and medical conditions and decide to go for a dermal filler procedure, then we’ll schedule the appointment for the actual procedure. You’ll be advised to avoid using certain medications and supplements that could increase the risk of bruising or bleeding.
Cleansing and Numbing On the day of your appointment, we will clean your skin thoroughly in order to minimize the risk of infections. Right after that, topical numbing cream or a local anesthetic will be applied to the targeted area to minimize the discomfort during the procedure. Injection: After numbing the targeted area, a dermatologist will use a fine needle or a blunt-tipped cannula to inject the filler material into the targeted area. The injection's technique and depth depend on the specific filler being used and the patient's requirements. In order to get natural-looking results and even distribution, practitioners use a series of small injections.
Massage and Assessment After injecting the filler, thje dermatologist gently massage the area to ensure the equal distribution of the material and to shape the area as demanded by the patient. The dermatologist will ask you whether you are satisfied with the results or not in the end and proceed accordingly.
After-care Treatment After the whole procedure, a dermatologist will give you after-care guidelines which include avoiding heavy exercise, alcohol consumption, and certain medications for at least for few days. With this, you’ll be advised to avoid touching or massaging the treated area and using any cosmetics.
Follow-up Lastly, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to check the results of the dermal filler procedure depending on the type of filler used and make necessary touch-ups or changes if required,

Types of Dermal Fillers

what is its type?

Dermal fillers contain a naturally occurring substance available in the skin known as hyaluronic acid. When hyaluronic acid is injected into the targeted area, it provides fullness and hydration to the skin and also helps with volume loss. People prefer dermal fillers in order to get a youthful appearance which helps to improve symmetry and balance. The areas that can be treated with dermal fillers are:

Cheek Filler

Cheek Filler

Cheek fillers enhance and restore volume to sunken cheeks. It is especially for individuals having barely visible cheekbones. These cheek fillers help in lifting the cheekbones and add volume to make your face look healthy. It also smooths wrinkles and fine lines as well.

Chin Filler

Chin fillers are designed to alter the definition and contour of the chin. It’s a non-surgical procedure that gives a balanced facial structure and a sharper and stronger jawline. The aim is to smooth out a chin crease, improve balance and symmetry, and make your personality stronger.

Chin Filler
Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are designed to give you trendy beautiful lips. It’s one of the features is that they can make your small and thin lips full and plumpy. It changes the lip’s shape, restores the lost volume, and adds more definition to it.

Jawline Fillers

Most teenagers prefer to get jawline fillers in order to get a more defined and sharper look. It is injected along the mandible and gives you a younger appearance without undergoing invasive surgical procedures.

Jawline Fillers dubai
Lines around the Nose and Mouth

Lines around the Nose and Mouth

One of the most prominent signs of aging is the appearance of fine lines around the nose and mouth. Dermal facial filler for lines is administered to tackle this issue. With the help of this type of face filler, marionette lines, smile lines, and nasolabial lines are removed, resulting in a youthful appearance.

Nose Filler

The procedure of nose fillers is performed to enhance the shape of the nose, and it is also known as liquid rhinoplasty or non-surgical. Individuals prefer this procedure to smooth out bumps or depressions in the nose. Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, it requires no downtime and is a minimally invasive procedure.

Nose Filler
Under Eye Filler

Under Eye Filler

Eye fillers procedure is considered by patients having dark circles that result in a dull and weary look. So eye fillers help in concealing and adding volume in the under-eye area in order to remove dark circles and sunken eyes.

Why Lavish Clinic for Dermal Fillers?

Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Lavish Clinic is licensed, and its professionals are experienced, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and trained nurse practitioners who have done more than 100s dermal filler treatments. The record of Lavish Clinic is quite strong in dermal filler procedures, and they prioritize customer satisfaction.
Safety Standards: Their topmost priority is safety, and they adhere to hygiene and safety protocols. They even follow proper sterilization and sanitation practices in order to minimize the risk of complications and reactions.
Quality of Products: With all this, we use FDAapproved dermal filler products in order to maximize the efficiency of the products, as high-quality products give better results and fewer complications. You can even discuss your specific concerns with us and let us know to which product you are allergic.
Customized treatment plan: As everyone’s facial anatomy is different and their aesthetic goals are also unique that’s why we provide you with a personalized treatment plan based on your requirements.
Free Consultation: We offer you a free consultation just to get a proper idea of your medical condition, discuss your treatment goals, possible outcomes of the treatment, and the pros and cons as it will help you to get the idea of whether you should choose us or not.
Location and Accessibility: We are located at a prime location in Dubai, so it’s convenient for everyone to visit, and our staff is approachable anytime you need assistance.
Optimal Results: We aim to provide noticeable and natural-looking results that enhance your features and contour your face shape instead of altering the appearance.
variety: our aesthetic clinic

provides many other aesthetic services such as:
HydraFacialmicro-needlingTHREAD LIFT, CHEMICAL PEEL, and Hair Botox.

authority: we are committed to the direction and recommendation of Dubai Health Authority (DHA)Dubai Government – Healthcare.


We are available 24/7 to assist you in the best possible way and connect you with our experts.

Who can undergo a dermal filler procedure?

Who can undergo a dermal filler procedure?

There aren’t any such requirements for dermal filler procedures, and a wide range of people can get their cosmetic concerns resolved and improve their facial features. Individuals having clear medical history, skin type, and individual goals can only undergo dermal filler procedures. People who fit in certain conditions, which are mentioned below, can only undergo dermal filler procedures.

If you have aging signs like wrinkles and loss of facial volume, then you can undergo a dermal filler procedure. There is no strict age limit for dermal filler procedures as people seeking dermal fillers are typically in their late 20s to 60s or even older than that. Teenagers’ purpose is to enhance their facial features instead of anti-aging.

If you are having good health, consider dermal filler treatment. Specific medical conditions such as autoimmune disorders or bleeding disorders make a person ineligible for this procedure. For this, a thorough medical evaluation of a person is required to know whether the candidate is suitable or not.

Dermal fillers work on various skin types; however, the skin’s texture, elasticity, and thickness can alter the results, as individuals with thinner skin might have more visible swelling or bruising after the procedure.

Individuals having concerns related to their appearance, like smoothing wrinkles, enhancing lips, restoring volume, and improving facial features and contours, are likely to undergo a dermal filler procedure. Individuals should have realistic expectations and specific goals for the procedure as sometimes risk, and complications can occur.

Generally, dermal filler procedures are not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding due to certain complications and risks. It’s advised by the experts to wait till you are done with these periods. Otherwise, it may cause an adverse reaction.

Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers Dubai

Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers Dubai


Dermal fillers offer a non-surgical option for addressing cosmetic concerns like wrinkles, volume loss, and facial asymmetry. It is preferred by most people, especially individuals who aren’t ready to face any complications and have busy schedules, so they avoid long surgical procedures.

These dermal filler treatments are quick and can be done in a short office visit, so it’s convenient for people having busy schedules.

Its main feature is that the results are quite noticeable right after the procedure, as in today’s world, most people want immediate results because it boosts their self-confidence and satisfaction.

With all the above features, the downtime associated with the dermal filler procedure is quite less as compared to other invasive surgical procedures. However, some swelling might occur after the treatment. Individuals can resume their activities whenever they want right after the treatment.

Lavish Clinic offers a customized treatment plan to each individual by keeping all their concerns and the desired results they want. In this way, people can get the natural results they expected.

Dermal fillers procedure is reversible as some are made up of hyaluronic acid, which can be easily dissolved by using an enzyme called hyaluronidase if the patient isn’t satisfied with the outcomes or there are any complications.


The results of the dermal fillers are not permanent. It just lasts for months or a year, and their longevity depends on the type of filler injected. In order to maintain the desired results, patients need to get follow-ups every month.

While serious complications are rare, there are potential risks associated with dermal fillers, including infection, allergic reactions, bruising, swelling, and lumpiness.

The cost of dermal filler treatments can add up over time, especially considering that the results are not permanent and maintenance treatments are necessary to sustain the effects.

The outcome of a dermal filler treatment heavily relies on the skill and experience of the healthcare provider. Choosing an inexperienced or unqualified practitioner can lead to unsatisfactory results or complications.

Some bruising, redness, and swelling are common after dermal filler injections, and while these effects are usually temporary, they can impact your appearance in the immediate days following the treatment.

Although rare, allergic reactions to the filler material can occur. It’s important to discuss any known allergies or sensitivities with your provider before the procedure.

doctor's advice about facial results and Post-Treatment Care

lavish clinic experts

 Here is some advice before dermal filler.

  • Consult a qualified doctor for a physical exam and diagnostic tests.
  • Be honest about your medical history.
  • Ask questions.
  • Choose a reputable hospital or clinic.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Post-treatment care is crucial to ensure proper healing, minimize potential complications, and achieve optimal results after undergoing a dermal filler procedure. Here are some general post-treatment care guidelines to consider:

  • Avoid heavy exercise, heavy lifting, and other vigorous activities for at least 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. This helps reduce the risk of increased swelling and bruising.
  • Refrain from touching, rubbing, or massaging the treated area for the first 24 hours after the treatment. This prevents the filler from shifting and helps avoid irritation.
  • Applying a cold compress or ice pack to the treated area can help reduce swelling and alleviate discomfort. Use a clean cloth or a thin barrier, such as a paper towel, to avoid direct contact between the ice and your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and aid in the healing process.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and certain medications (like aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E supplements) that can thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising.
  • Sleeping with your head slightly elevated for the first few nights can help reduce swelling.
  • Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen to protect the treated area from UV rays. Sunscreen is important even if the treated area is covered by makeup or clothing.
  • After the initial 24 hours, you can gently cleanse the treated area with a mild cleanser and water. Avoid harsh scrubs or exfoliants.
  • You can usually apply makeup carefully after the initial 24 hours, but avoid excessive pressure or rubbing on the treated area.
  • If a follow-up appointment is scheduled, be sure to attend it. Your healthcare provider can assess the results and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Keeping your skin well-hydrated with a gentle moisturizer can help maintain the results and promote healing.
  • If you smoke, try to avoid smoking for a few days after the procedure. Smoking can impair healing and contribute to skin issues.

Remember that swelling, redness, and bruising are common in the first few days after the procedure. These effects should gradually subside as your skin heals.

Are there any risks of injectable fillers?

Are there any risks of injectable fillers?

Similar to other medical procedures, injectable dermal fillers also carry some risks and potential complications. So, it’s better to be aware of the specific risks and discuss those with your concerned dermatologist before undergoing the dermal filler in Dubai. Some complications and risks associated with dermal fillers are:

In the filler procedure, if sterile techniques and equipment aren’t used with proper hygiene, then it can cause infection in the area where the injection was injected.

Sometimes people may experience allergic reactions because of the filler material used, which results in redness, swelling, itching, or even severe reactions, so it’s better to consult with a dermatologist beforehand.

The common side effects that mostly occur are swelling and bruising after the filler injections. These side effects are temporary and subside within just a few days but change your appearance for some days.

Sometimes the results are uneven or facial asymmetry if the filler is not integrated properly in the targeted area. So it’s recommended to choose a skilled or experienced dermatologist whenever you are planning to go for dermal fillers.

In some cases, the material of the filler might clump together or form small lumps inside the skin which leads to an uneven appearance.

Sometimes, due to the carelessness of practitioners, dermal fillers migrate from the targeted area to the intended area, which causes an undesirable effect.

It rarely happens that filler material could inadvertently injected into a blood vessel which results in blockage or other vascular complications.

If the blood vessel is blocked due to improper injection of filler so, inadequate blood will be supplied to the area and cause necrosis which means tissue death.

In patients, sometimes the reactions don’t appear immediately after the injection but appear after a few days, weeks, or even a month.

The dissolution procedure of hyaluronic acid also carries some risks, such as skin irritation but above all, it can be dissolved by using hyaluronidase if required, which is a key feature.



In most cases, Hyaluronic acid fillers are used as it is made from a synthetic form of this substance, and hyaluronic acid is one of the acids which occurs naturally in the body. These fillers are used to treat various concerns of the patients, such as adding volume, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing lips, and even helping in improving facial contouring.

One of the best features is its reversibility, as it can be partially or fully dissolved by using an enzyme called hyaluronidase if requested by the patient or needed. So it’s a flexibility for the patient if they aren’t satisfied with the results.

In general, dermal fillers are considered safe and effective, and it’s quite rare that people face any serious complications. Sometimes serious complications such as infection, allergic reactions, vascular issues, and lumps or bumps form inside the skin.

However, if you are opting for Lavish Clinic, then you don’t need to worry as their experts are highly trained, experienced and use advanced technology to treat their patients. They even give you post-treatment guidelines, which will prevent you from certain infections and reactions. That’s why it is recommended to choose your healthcare center wisely before going for treatment. So the results will be immediate and last longer for at least a year or several months.

Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle indicates the expensive lifestyle of people living there, so the treatments for certain medical conditions are costly. But Lavish Clinic offers flexible and affordable dental and health care rates among all those.

In general, dermal filler’s cost ranges from 1750 AED to 3000 AED. However, it fluctuates with certain factors, such as the type of dermal, the severity of the patient’s condition, and the number of syringes used. You can visit our clinic to get the estimated budget for your customized best filler Dubai. Specifically, lip fillers cost you around 999 AED to 3000 AED.

Most dermal fillers are painless, but it depends on the type of filler as some dermal fillers require a local anesthetic known as lidocaine within the formulation, and it just numbs the targeted area, reducing the discomfort.

The expert’s techniques in injecting the filler also affect the comfort of the procedure’s comfort as skilled injectors minimize the pain and discomfort. We use topical numbing creams on the targeted areas to reduce the pain before starting the procedure. If your experts are using the finer needles, it won’t cause discomfort or pain in your treated area. Distraction and deep breathing are the ways of coping with the discomfort.


We are available 24/7 to assist you in the best possible way and connect you with our experts.

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