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Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that brightens up the color of teeth and removes stains and discoloration. It’s one of the most common treatments every dental clinic provides, and it is one of the popular dental treatments to intensify your smile and appearance.

A teeth whitening procedure is necessary for all ages as teeth may discolor or be stained due to various factors such as consumption of certain foods and beverages, aging, tobacco use, or due to certain medications. There are different ways to clean and brighten up the teeth, using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

The teeth whitening procedure shouldn’t be done before consulting with a family dentist, as they will guide you on whether you should go for teeth whitening. Dentists can understand your teeth’ condition by knowing your past records and specific situations. This is one of the best approaches to consult.
Teeth whitening is not a one-time process or a permanent solution, but it can be done at specific intervals depending on your teeth condition. Teeth whitening procedures can last long if you follow certain oral hygiene practices like regular brushing, flossing, and dental hygienist check-ups. With these practices, you can even prevent yourself from visiting a doctor monthly or quarterly.


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Types of Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Certainly ! Let’s dive into two specific teeth whitening methods: Zoom teeth whitening and home teeth whitening.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening: Zoom teeth whitening is an in-office teeth whitening procedure that a dental hygienist professional performs. It is a popular and effective method for achieving significant whitening results in a short amount of time.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening methods involve using whitening kits or products in the comfort of your home. While the results may take longer to achieve compared to in-office treatments, they offer flexibility and convenience.

Why should one go for a teeth whitening service & cosmetic dentist Dubai ?

Teeth Whitening isn’t mandatory for everyone as it is primarily a cosmetic treatment and wants to improve the smile and appearance of the individual. Nowadays, everyone wants to look beautiful, so they prefer to undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Here are the different reasons mentioned:

  • Boost in Confidence: When your teeth look discolored or stained, you feel hesitant to smile or laugh freely, which shows that you are not confident enough to smile in front of others. So teeth whitening assures the individual by providing a brighter and more radiant smile. Most people like a confident personality; a confident smile adds various factors to your character.
  • Special Occasions: Most people prefer to get teeth whitening dental treatment when going to any event like weddings, graduation, job interviews, or any specific event. These events involve a vast number of photographs and close interaction with others. That’s why they want to look beautiful with a vibrant smile in every possible way.
  • Reversing Stains and Discoloration: Every human being’s teeth become stained or discolored with time because of the consumption of certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, or tobacco, or it can be because of certain medications. Teeth whitening treatments target stains and discolorations, which will reverse their effects and reinstate a brighter smile and confident appearance to the teeth.
  • Non-Invasive and Cost-Effective: It’s a non-invasive and affordable cosmetic dental procedure compared to other dental treatments. The results of teeth whitening procedures are visible without performing detailed dental work or invasive procedures.

Teeth whitening dental procedure is not for everyone, especially for those already having any teeth disease such as gum disease or tooth sensitivity. Suppose you are planning to go for a teeth whitening procedure. In that case, it’s recommended to consult with a dentist to determine the capability of your teeth and whether a teeth whitening procedure won’t affect or harm your gums or whitening Dubai.

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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Here are some key features of porcelain veneers:

  • Preparation

    The dental professional will examine your teeth to ensure they are suitable for the procedure. They may also clean your teeth to remove any plaque or debris.

  • Application of Whitening Gel

    A high-concentration hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The gel is activated using a special Zoom light or laser, which helps accelerate the whitening process.

  • Light Activation

    The Zoom light or laser is directed onto the gel-coated teeth, allowing the gel to penetrate the enamel and break down stains and discolouration.

  • Multiple Sessions

    The process is repeated in various cycles, usually lasting about 15 minutes each, depending on the desired level of whitening. During this time, the gel is reapplied, and the light is used to enhance the whitening effect.

  • Post-Treatment Care

    Once the desired shade is achieved, a fluoride gel or desensitising agent may be applied to minimise tooth sensitivity. The dentist will provide instructions for post-treatment care to maintain the results.

Home Teeth Whitening

Here are some key features of porcelain veneers:

  • Whitening Kits

    Home teeth whitening kits typically consist of custom-fitted trays or whitening strips and a lower-concentration bleaching gel. The trays are filled with the gel and placed over the teeth, or the adhesive strips are applied directly. Depending on the product, the individual wears the trays or stripes for a specific duration, often ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours each day.

  • Gradual Results

    Home teeth whitening methods provide more gradual whitening results compared to in-office treatments. It may take several days to a few weeks to achieve the desired level of whitening, depending on the specific product and individual factors.

  • Convenience

    Home teeth whitening allows individuals to whiten their teeth at their own pace and in the comfort of their homes. It offers flexibility, especially for those with a busy schedule.

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How Teeth Whitening Works?

Removing the stains and discolouration from the tooth enamel is known as Teeth whitening. They use different bleaching agents to clean the teeth perfectly. It’s one of the most accessible dental procedures, which can be done in minutes depending on certain teeth conditions. Look at the procedure we follow step by step:


Before starting the teeth whitening procedure, a dental examination is necessary to know the condition of your teeth and gums and whether they are healthy. If you have any tooth disease like cavities or gum disease, you should be consulted before starting the teeth whitening


Professionals and highly experienced dentists will apply the protective barrier or a gel to the gums, protecting your gums from the bleaching agents to come in contact with and harm the gums. So it’s one of the main steps to be done before whitening the teeth.

Application of Bleaching Agent

The bleaching agent, usually a gel or liquid, is applied directly to the teeth. It contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which work to break down the molecules that cause stains and discolouration.

Activation (Optional)

Sometimes, the laser activates or enhances the bleaching process. The laser light in this process helps to increase the breakdown of the staining particles and lessen your teeth whitening procedure time.

Waiting Period

When the dentist applies the bleaching agent, it needs time to work on the teeth, and the time varies with the quality of the product used and the specific condition of the mouth. This process is done within a few minutes but takes weeks to conduct multiple sessions.

Rinse or Removal

After a specific duration, the bleaching agent will be removed from the teeth, and it is done by professionals to ensure that the bleaching agent is removed from the mouth.


Evaluation can be done by seeing the before and after shades to analyze the progress and determine the level of whitening achieved through our teeth dental procedure. Only experts or professionals can do it better.

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We have been serving since years and we are glad that our loyal customers were never get disappointed with our services.

Highly recommended! I recently visited Lavish Clinic as I heard alot from people that they offer the best teeth whitening solution in dubai. I went through their zoom teeth whitening treatment which was done in just an hour and achieved the desired level of whitening. They followed the process smoothly and gave me a brighter smil which I am proud to show off infront of anyone.
The dentist even asked me to consult first and checked the teeth condition that whether it can undergo to the teeth whitening procedure or not because most of the people have gum diseases now a days.

Kriska Manalo

After an years of struggle and disappointments, I visited Lavish Clinic on my colleague’s suggestion but I wasn’t hoping anything positive because stain remained on my teeth after 10x teeth whitening treatments. But I can definitely say that Lavish Clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Dubai from all dynamics as the ambiance of clinic is relaxing, their staff is friendly and their dentists are giving proper time to every patient and examine carefully.
So, I undergo a teeth whitening procedure in which dentist performed all steps carefully and slowly. Dentist also guided me regarding oral hygiene practices to follow in order to avoid quick stain on teeth.

Eva Wagner

I went for the dental checkup randomly as my dentist were on vacations so I just went for a daily checkup but I was surprised with their rates and the services and couldn’t even calculated that how they are giving these costly services inn such affordable rates. I was satisfied with the services as dentists properly guided me on dietary plans to follow.
I must say that ‘It was worth it’. I’ve visited so many other dental clinics but Lavish Clinic is above all and I am totally impressed with the advanced techniques and products they use to treat their patients. I am glad that I chose Lavish Clinic as it’s the affordable dental clinic in Dubai.


After visiting Lavish Clinic, I have seen a boost in my confidence as they gave all services up to the mark and the most important thing is that they aee convenient to visit anytime. The professionals available are knowledgeable and experienced as they were talking comfortably and I received whiter shades in just one visit.

So I would suggest everyone to visit Lavish Clinic if having any dental problem as their experts are all time available to assist.

Mary Marjorie


The cost of a teeth whitening procedure varies with the dental clinic, type of treatment and other specific requirements of your case. The cost of whitening treatments ranges from AED 1000 to AED 4000 and more. It varies with the recognition of the clinic in the market, location, expertise of a dental professional you are choosing and the number of sessions you’ll be taking. One of the mesmerising factors of teeth whitening procedure is that it is cheaper at home and in the clinic. The cost at home ranges from AED 100 to AED 500, depending on the brand of the product you are using.

Your ultimate destination for comprehensive dental and medical care in Dubai. Our renowned clinic brings together a team of expert doctors, specialist, and dentists to cater to all your healthcare needs. Whether you’re seeking a brighter smile through our specialized teeth whitening Dubai service or require advanced medical procedures such as hair transplant or surgery, Lavish Clinic is here to deliver excellence.

The teeth whitening lasts approximately a year if protected well. Longevity depends on various factors like dietary choices, oral hygiene habits, etc. However, the teeth whitening procedure is not permanent and requires regular maintenance. Since teeth whitening kits at home provide the best results compared to dental clinics. Remember that individual results may vary depending on the tooth conditions. So before undergoing this teeth whitening process, consult an experienced professional for recommendations and teeth whitening methods for your case. Regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene practices can save you from teeth whitening procedures.

Our dedicated team of dentists includes specialists in various fields, from general dentistry to orthodontics. If you’re considering enhancing your smile, our teeth whitening specialists are well-versed in the latest techniques, ensuring stunning results that will leave you beaming with confidence. We understand that healthcare should be accessible to all, which is why we offer competitive whitening cost packages, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

The duration depends on various factors, such as the method used, the product used and the staff working on the procedure. Teeth whitening is a short process, typically 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the teeth’ condition and system used. If we compare the dental clinic process to the home whitening treatment, then it requires more time to get noticeable results, as we can do that in our comfort zone. The gel is applied and rinsed off multiple times during an appointment, so it may take time if the individual is weak or sensitive. At home, it can continue from days to weeks if it requires the same results as in the dental clinic because the techniques and the methods dentists follow aren’t easy to be learned in one day.

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To keep teeth white after the whitening treatment, you have to follow certain oral hygiene practices and specific changes in the dietary plan to sustain the whiteness of teeth. Limit your consumption of food that can stain your teeth, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, schedule regular dental check-ups, use whitening products recommended by your dentist, brush your teeth twice a day, and rinse your mouth if you consume any stained food or drink and most importantly quit smoking and tobacco. Touch-up treatments can also be beneficial to sustain whiteness. By following these practices, you can prolong the whiteness of your teeth. It can extend the treatment but not permanently remove the yellowishness or paleness from your teeth.

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Cosmetic dentistry covers enhancing smiles through specialized treatments. At Lavish Clinic, our experienced cosmetic dentists offer advanced services in Dubai. Our cosmetic dental clinic specializes in smile design, digital smile analysis, and dental implants.

Our cosmetic dentists blend aesthetic dentistry with modern techniques for personalized results. Through innovative smile design, we ensure symmetry and natural aesthetics. Dental implants restore missing teeth and contribute to smile balance.

Using digital smile design, we plan treatments meticulously. Lavish Clinic’s cosmetic dentist in Dubai aims to enhance appearance and function. Achieve a radiant, confident smile that mirrors your inner beauty. Your journey to a captivating smile begins at Lavish Clinic.

At Lavish Clinic, dental implants play a crucial role in our Dubai-based cosmetic dentistry approach. These implants blend in flawlessly with our cosmetic procedures, improving both beauty and functionality. Experienced cosmetic dentists understand that dental implants not only replace missing teeth but also vitalize balanced smiles.

Strategic placement, aided by digital smile design techniques, ensures implants blend naturally with existing teeth, fostering a confident, authentic smile. Our cosmetic dental clinic leverages dental implants to elevate both aesthetics and functionality, offering a complete transformation. Lavish Clinic’s commitment, led by our Dubai-based cosmetic dentist, delivers smiles that exude beauty and rebuild confidence. Experience this transformation through dental implants within our smile design services at Lavish Clinic.


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