Who Needs Body Sculpting and Fat Freezing Dubai?

Are you tired of struggling with stubborn fat pockets that just won’t go away no matter how hard you exercise or diet? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with excess body fat, and it can be frustrating and disheartening. But there’s good news! With the help of advanced body sculpting and fat-freezing treatments, you can finally achieve the body of your dreams. And at Lavish Clinic, we specialize in providing safe, effective, and non-invasive fat-reduction solutions that can help you achieve your desired look without surgery or downtime.

Is Dubai Body Sculpting and Fat Freezing the Right Choice for You?

Dubai body sculpting and fat freezing is the right choice for you, but it depends on individual fat goals. Before visiting any clinic, you need to do your own research and choose a reputable clinic with experienced and certified staff. Here are a few factors you need to consider as to why these body sculpting & fat freezing treatment is good for you.

  • Reduction of stubborn fat
  • Improve your body shape
  • Boost your confidence
  • Changes your lifestyle in terms of health and food
  • Make your future bright by adopting a celebrity or model profession

Types of Body Sculpting & Fat Freezing Procedures

Body Sculpting (Surgical & Non-Surgical Procedure)

  • Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from the body. It is used to treat areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, and arms.
  • A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles. It is used to treat people with loose skin and muscle laxity.
  • Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size and fullness of the breasts. It can be performed using implants, fat transfer, or a combination of both.

These are below NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS of fat freezing and body sculpting in Dubai:

  • CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. It is used to treat areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, and arms.
  • Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions. It is used to treat areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Fat Freezing

The fat freezing procedure is called CoolSculpting, and in this procedure, we use a vacuum device to draw the skin and fat into a cooling cup. The cup cools the fat cells to freezing temperatures, which kills them. The dead fat cells are then removed from the body by the lymphatic system. Here are a few types of fat-freezing treatments which include:

  • Zeltiq Aesthetics is similar to CoolSculpting, but it uses a different cooling device.
  • CryoSlim is a newer fat-freezing procedure that uses a combination of cooling and vacuum therapy.
  • LipoCryo is a fat-freezing procedure that uses multiple cooling devices to treat larger areas of the body.


How much does fat freezing cost in the UAE?

The cost of fat-freezing is around AED 799 to AED 999 in the UAE.

How old do you have to be for fat-freezing?

Fat-freezing is performed on adults over the age of 18, but the minimum age requirement depends on the specific treatment. This is because the body is still developing during adolescence, and fat freezing could have unwanted effects on growing tissues.

Which is the best fat-freezing clinic in Dubai?

The Lavish Clinic Dubai and the Nova Clinic are the best fat-freezing clinics in Dubai, and the clinic offers tons of services plan related to skin, hair, and dental treatment. These treatments are effective for the people and 100% recommended for all over UAE.

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