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Dr. Huda Abdulla Al Suwaidi

Cupping therapist

Dr Huda is a medical graduate and completed her PhD in 2001 with a special interest in alternative medicine. Dr. Huda has done a diploma in Acupuncture from Malaysia in 2010, in addition to receiving cupping / Hijama certification from the Ministry of Health (MOH), with long-standing experience in the field of cupping. Dr. Huda completed a fellowship in Public Health at the Royal College of Physicians (United Kingdom), and particularly well-known for cupping whether dry or wet/ Moreover, Dr. Huda has specialized interests in the holistic care of patients, alternative medicine, pain management .Dr. Huda strength is identification of what works for each patient based on their situation and focuses on finding the problem, trying to come to a solution, and then proceed and strive for a good outcome.

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